Alex Scharaschkin

Alex Scharaschkin is Director of Research and Compliance at the education charity and exam board AQA.

He runs AQA’s Centre for Education Research and Practice (CERP), and is also Executive Secretary of the Association for Educational Assessment, Europe. At AQA his responsibilities include AQA’s programme of research and its dissemination; maintenance and management of awarding standards; technical regulatory advice; and oversight of regulatory compliance activity.

He was previously a Director at the UK National Audit Office, leading teams delivering evidence-based reports for Parliament on the cost-effectiveness of government programmes in health and social care, and examining the use and regulation of market mechanisms in public services. He earlier headed the NAO’s methodology and statistics team, and has published research on the nature of assessment of government performance. He has also worked at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and at the Associated Examining Board, where he specialised in applying quantitative methods to the examination of issues in standard setting and maintenance, and the design and awarding of national curriculum tests.


Book chapters
Scharaschkin, A (2011). Evidence and Argument. In Lonsdale, J, Wilkins, P and T Ling (eds), Performance Auditing: Contributing to accountability in democratic government (pp 118-134). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar

Papers in peer-reviewed journals
Dassiou, X., Langham, P., Nancarrow, C., Scharaschkin, A. and D. Ward (in press) Public service markets: their economics, institutional oversight and regulation. Palgrave Communications forthcoming
Dassiou, X., Langham, P., Nancarrow, C., Scharaschkin, A. and D. Ward (in press) New development: Exploring public service markets. Public Money and Management forthcoming
Scharaschkin, A and T McBride (in press). Policy analytics and accountability mechanisms: judging the ‘value for money’ of policy implementation. Annals of Operations Research forthcoming
Baird, J-A and Scharaschkin, A (2002). Is the whole worth more than the sum of the parts? Studies of examiners’ grading of individual papers and candidates’ whole A-level examination performances. Educational Studies 28 (2):143-162
Scharaschkin, A and J-A Baird (2000). The effects of consistency of performance on A-level examiners’ judgments of standards. British Educational Research Journal 26(3): 343-357

2004 – 2014: Principal or co-author of around 20 National Audit Office reports to Parliament, and associated technical and methodological papers to support hearings of the Public Accounts Committee, on topics such as stroke care in the UK, services for adults with autism, and the regulation of consumer credit markets. Available at

Conference presentations
Scharaschkin, A (2014). Can the theory of rough sets shed light on assessing examination performance? Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Association of Educational Assessment (Europe), Tallinn, Estonia, November 2014

Title of thesis:
Constructs, valuations and counterfactuals: a mathematical theory of assessment (working title)

Professor Jo-Anne Baird

Research interests:
Alex’s research interests include the philosophy of measurement in education and the social sciences, the nature of validity arguments, and the application of quantitative and interdisciplinary approaches in assessment


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