Dr Jenny Lenkeit

Jenny Lenkeit is a Research Fellow at the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment.

Jenny received her PhD in Education from the University of Hamburg and a Master’s degree in Empirical Educational Research and Comparative Education from the Humboldt University of Berlin. She has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Research Institute of Child Development and Education at the University of Amsterdam and at NFER. Previously at OUCEA, Jenny worked on the research project Ethnicity gaps in educational attainment.

At OUCEA, Jenny’s work relates to the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) 2016 National Centre in England, which OUCEA is working on in collaboration with Pearson UK and the ‘PIRLS for Teachers‘ project funded by the ESRC Impact Acceleration Award.


Jenny’s research interests are moreover focused on the conceptual and methodological link between international large-scale assessments and educational effectiveness research, cross cultural comparisons, the impact of large scale assessments on educational policy-making, and educational inequalities.


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Book chapters

  • Lenkeit, J, Goy, M, Schwippert, K (2012) “The impact of PIRLS in Germany”, In: K Schwippert, J Lenkeit (eds.) Progress in Reading Literacy in National and International Context. The Impact of PIRLS 2006 in 12 Countries. Munster: Waxmann Verlag. 85-108

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Journal articles

  • Hopfenbeck, TN, Lenkeit, J, El Masri, Y, Cantrell, K, Ryan, J, Baird, J-A (2018) “Lessons Learned from PISA: A Systematic Review of Peer-Reviewed Articles on the Programme for International Student Assessment”, SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH. 62(3) 333-353.
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Internet publication

  • Hopfenbeck, TN, Lenkeit, J (2018) PIRLS for Teachers: Making PIRLS results more useful for practitioners. IEA.

  • Caro, DH, Lenkeit, J (2015) Which countries punch above their weight in education rankings?. The Conversation.


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  • McGrane, J, Stiff, J, Lenkeit, J, Hopfenbeck, TN, Baird, J Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS): National Report for England.


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