Dr Judith Hillier

Judith Hillier is a lecturer in science education (physics) at Oxford University Department of Education.

After completing her PhD in condensed matter physics from the University of Leeds and the Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble, she studied on the Oxford PGCE Internship scheme and then taught for several years in an Oxfordshire comprehensive school, becoming Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator. She teaches on the PGCE course and the Masters in Learning and Teaching course, and runs the Teaching Physics in Schools option for 2nd year Physics undergraduates. She is also a founding member of the Oxfordshire Schools Physics Partnership, sponsored by the Ogden Trust (see Physics Education 48(3) 271-273).

Judith Hillier would welcome informal contacts from prospective doctoral students interested in the following topics:

  • Factors influencing the recruitment and retention of physics teachers in the teaching profession
  • Knowledge and professional practice of pre-service physics teachers
  • Explanations in science education
  • Pedagogical practices in physics education


  • Department staff

College affiliation

  • Kellogg College


  • Associate Professor of Science Education (Physics)

Subject area

  • PGCE Science/Physics
  • Teaching Physics in Schools

Research groups

  • Teacher Education and Professional Learning

01865 274182