Dr Katharina Ereky-Stevens

Dr. Katharina Ereky-Stevens is part of the Families, Effective Learning and Literacy (FELL) research group.

Her main research interests are the quality of early childhood education and care (ECEC), child–caregiver interactions and relationships, and associations between ECEC quality and children’s development.

Katharina completed her undergraduate degree in Education and Psychology in her home country, Austria (University of Vienna). She then took part in a post-graduate training course in psychodynamic family support and parent counselling, which included training in child assessment, infant observation (following the Tavistock approach). She first joined our Department as a DPhil student in FELL and earned her doctorate from the Department of Education in 2005; she carried out her DPhil in co-operation with the longitudinal UK study ‘Families, Children and Childcare’. In her doctoral thesis she related video ratings of mother–baby interaction to children’s scores on measures of theory-of-mind and emotion understanding.

Since completing her doctorate, Katharina worked as a part-time lecturer and post-doctoral researcher on several research projects in FELL and at the Department of Education and Human Development in Vienna. She supervises Bachelor’s and Master’s students in our Department and in Vienna, particularly focusing on ECEC quality and young children’s relationships and interactions with caregivers and peers.


She has worked on a number of research projects on early childhood education, including the Families, Children and Childcare project (FCCC), the Effective Pre-School, Primary and Secondary Education (EPPSE) project, and a Viennese Transition to Childcare project (WIKI). She was involved in writing a number of research reviews, including a recent Sutton Trust review of the research on quality of ECEC for children under three, and implications for policy and practice. She has published in international and national journals. She currently works on the EU project CARE (Curriculum and Quality Analysis and Impact Review of European ECEC).

Book chapters

  • Mathers, SJ, Ereky-Stevens, K, Dalli, C, Barbour, N (2017) “Quality of Early Childhood Education and Care for Children under Three: Sound Foundations”, In: L Miller, C Cameron (eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood Policy. SAGE.

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  • Ereky-Stevens, K, Datler, W, Fürstaller, M (2011) “Der Übergang in die außerfamiliäre Betreuung: Der Beitrag der Kleinkinder zum Verlauf von Eingewöhnungsprozessen”, In: R Kißgen, N Heinen (eds.) Familiäre Belastungen in früher Kindheit: Früherkennung, Verlauf, Begleitung, Intervention.. Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta. 205-228

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Journal articles

  • Ereky-Stevens, K, Funder, A, Katschnig, T, Malmberg, L-E, Datler, W (2018) “Relationship building between toddlers and new caregivers in out-of-home childcare: Attachment security and caregiver sensitivity”, EARLY CHILDHOOD RESEARCH QUARTERLY. 42 270-279.
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  • Mathers, S, Sylva, K, Eisenstadt, N, Soukakou, E, Ereky-Stevens, K (2014) “Supporting early learning for children under three: Research and practice”, Journal of Children's Services. 9(2) 177-187.
    DOI: http://doi.org/10.1108/JCS-02-2014-0008

  • Stein, A, Malmberg, LE, Leach, P, Barnes, J, Sylva, K, Davies, B, Ereky-Stevens, K, Godlieb, J, Hague, L, Jennings, D, Nichols, M, Ram, B, Triner, A, Walker, J (2013) “The influence of different forms of early childcare on children's emotional and behavioural development at school entry”, Child: Care, Health and Development. 39(5) 676-687.
    DOI: http://doi.org/10.1111/j.1365-2214.2012.01421.x

  • Datler, W, Ereky-Stevens, K, Hover-Reisner, N, Malmberg, L-E (2012) “Toddlers' transition to out-of-home day care: settling into a new care environment.”, Infant behavior & development. 35(3) 439-451.
    DOI: http://doi.org/10.1016/j.infbeh.2012.02.007

  • Sylva, K, Stein, A, Leach, P, Barnes, J, Malmberg, L-E, FCCC-team (2011) “Effects of early child-care on cognition, language, and task-related behaviours at 18 months: an English study.”, The British journal of developmental psychology. 29(Pt 1) 18-45.
    DOI: http://doi.org/10.1348/026151010x533229

  • Flouri, E, Ereky-Stevens, K (2008) “Urban neighbourhood quality and school leaving age: Gender differences and some hypotheses”, OXFORD REVIEW OF EDUCATION. 34(2) 203-216.
    DOI: http://doi.org/10.1080/03054980701614960

  • Ereky-Stevens, K (2008) “Associations between Mothers' Sensitivity to Their Infants' Internal States and Children's Later Understanding of Mind and Emotion”, INFANT AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT. 17(5) 527-543.
    DOI: http://doi.org/10.1002/icd.572

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