Dr Katharine Burn

Katharine taught history in schools in Oxford for ten years before completing a doctorate focused on beginning teachers’ professional learning. After four years’ working as a Senior Lecturer in History Education at the Institute of Education, she has returned to Oxford as a Fellow of St Cross College.

Katharine leads the PGCE history programme and teaches within the MSc in Learning and Teaching. She supervises Master’s and doctoral students, particularly focusing on history teaching and on teachers’ professional learning. Katharine is also Chair of the Secondary Committee of the Historical Association and a co-editor of the professional journal Teaching History.

Katharine would welcome informal contacts from prospective doctoral students interested in the following topics:

  • Initial teacher education – beginning teachers’ learning, clinical practice, the integration of knowledge from different sources, mentoring strategies;
  • Teachers’ continued professional learning – the development of subject specific pedagogy, learning within and beyond subject departments, teacher engagement in and with research;
  • History education – including the impact of policy on curriculum and pedagogy; inclusive pedagogies (the value of history for all); curriculum planning and the integration of substantive and second order concepts.


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Journal articles

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  • Department staff

College affiliation

  • St Cross College


  • University Lecturer in Education (History)

Subject area

  • MSc Learning and Teaching
  • PGCE History

Research groups

  • OSAT
  • Teacher Education and Professional Learning

01865 274009

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