Emeritus Professor Terence J. Lovat

I retired in early 2011 from my position as Pro Vice- Chancellor (Education and Arts) at The University of Newcastle, Australia, a position I had held for ten years, preceded by 6 years as Dean of Education.

I am now Professor Emeritus at Newcastle and serving as Chair of Theology, Ethics and Education at the Broken Bay Institute, a theological partner of the University.

During my time as an academic administrator, I held national positions as President of the Australian Council of Deans of Education, President of the NSW Teacher Education Council, executive member of the Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities of Australasia and inaugural board member of the Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.

I have been associated for over ten years with the University of Oxford through several visiting scholarships at the Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies.  I have also been associated with the Department of Education, mainly in the area of religious and values education, but also concerning international research into the doctorate.  I am now a member of the Religion, Philosophy and Education Forum in the department.


I have managed funded research, individually or collaboratively, worth over $2m Australian dollars and have maintained an active publishing regime.  My work has stretched mainly across values education, interfaith religious education and studies of the doctorate.  I was chief investigator of several projects that ran through the Australian Values Education program, a federally funded program from 2004-2010. I have also been engaged in several national projects concerning Islam and its interface with other religious traditions, Western culture and modern education.

Selected Publications

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