Fiona Jelley

Fiona Jelley (née Roberts) is a senior researcher in the Families, Effective Learning, and Literacy (FELL) research group.

Her main research interest is in young children’s literacy development and, more specifically, the ways in which this can be shaped through engaging parents in their children’s education.

Fiona is currently lead researcher on the evaluation team for the Parental Engagement Fund. The Fund, launched by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and The Sutton Trust, is supporting six organisations in their work on engaging parents in their children’s learning. The Oxford evaluation team will support the projects to consider their measurement of impact and to develop their evidence base in order to improve delivery. Click here for further information about the Parental Engagement Fund.

Previously, Fiona was co-principal investigator on a project implementing the SPOKES programme (Supporting Parents on Kids’ Education), which aims to help parents support their children’s reading at home. She was a senior researcher for Helping Children Achieve (HCA), a randomised controlled trial investigating the independent and combined effects of two parenting interventions designed to enhance children’s behaviour and literacy development near the start of school. More recently, she has been part of a team working with Oxford University Press on new and innovative ways that technology can support young children’s reading.

Before joining FELL in 2006, Fiona gained a first-class honours degree in Psychology from The University of Bath. She has experience in both randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and observational research, and is also trained in administering a range of child cognitive assessments.

Fiona is Chair of the Department’s Research Staff Forum and participates in University-wide conferences and events.

Book chapters

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Conference papers

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Journal articles

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