Jack Pun

I am a DPhil (PhD) candidate from the Department of Education at University of Oxford.

My research explores the teaching and learning process in EMI (English as medium of instruction) science classrooms, with particular interests on classroom interactions, use of L1 (First language)/ code-switching, teaching pedagogy in EMI classrooms, academic literacy in EMI context, language challenges and coping strategies, teachers and students’ views towards EMI in Hong Kong secondary schools.

I am interested in how secondary science teachers and students develop strategies to overcome their language challenges in teaching/ learning science through English (as a second language).

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  • Slade D., Chandler E., Pun J., Lam, M., Matthiessen C.M.I.M., William G., Espindola E., Veloso F., Tsui KL, Tang S, Tang KS. (2015). Effective Healthcare Worker-Patient Communication in Hong Kong Accident & Emergency Departments. Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine, 22(2), 69-83
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  • Pun, K. H. (2011). Analysis of Hong Kong Science Textbooks using Systemic Functional Approach, Unpublished MA Thesis, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
  • Cheung, H. W., So, C. M., Pun, K. H., Zhou, Z. and Lau, C. P. (2011), Hydro(trispyrazolyl)borato-Ruthenium(II) Diphosphinoamino Complex-Catalyzed Addition of β-Diketones to 1-Alkynes and Anti-Markovnikov Addition of Secondary Amines to Aromatic 1-Alkynes. Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 353: 411–425. doi: 10.1002/adsc.201000567

For other publications and conference presentations, please go to my personal website: http://jackpunblog.wordpress.com


Thesis title
An exploratory study of teaching and learning secondary science through English: classroom interactions, perceptions of teachers and students

Professor Ernesto Macaro and Dr Jane McNicholl

Research areas
My research area is mainly about applied linguistics, with focus on English as medium of instruction (EMI), Content and language integrated learning (CLIL), Second Language Acquisition (SLA).

Research interests related to English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI)

  • EMI in Secondary Education
  • EMI policy or public statements
  • Teaching and learning in EMI settings (e.g. Classroom interactions, classroom climates, teaching pedagogies)
  • Attitudes towards EMI (teachers, students, schools, government)
  • Teacher Professional development in EMI (e.g. training for language teachers and content-subject teachers)
  • Assessment in EMI (both language and content knowledge)
  • English proficiency for teaching and learning in EMI contexts
  • Methods of researching the EMI phenomena

Other Research interests
Discourse Analysis, Text Analysis, Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), English for Academic Purpose (EAP), English for Specific purpose (ESP), Science Education, Healthcare Communication, Science Education.


  • Research student

College affiliation

  • St Antony's College

Research groups

  • Applied Linguistics
  • English Medium Instruction
  • Science Education