Professor Victoria Murphy


  • B.A.H. Linguistics/Psychology – Queen’s University, Kingston On, Canada
  • M.A. Educational Psychology – McGill University, Canada
  • Ph.D. – Second Language Education – McGill University Canada

Victoria Murphy would welcome informal contacts from prospective doctoral students interested in the following topics:

  • Language and literacy development in EAL (ELL/ESL/ Language Minority) children
  • Child L2 and bilingualism
  • Foreign language learning in primary school
  • Lexical development and morphosyntax in L1 and L2 learners


Victoria is active in the following research areas, and would welcome DPhil applications on any of these, particularly those relating to EAL (language minority) children and child L2 learning and foreign language learning in primary school.  She is also the convenor of the Research in English as an Additional Language (REAL) group.  Her research is currently being funded by the ESRC, Leverhulme Trust and Nuffield Foundation.

  • language and literacy development in EAL (ELL/ESL/Language minority) children
  • child L2 learning and bilingualism
  • foreign language learning in primary school
  • cognitive processes underlying L1 and L2 learning
  • lexical development and morphosyntax in L1 and L2 learners

Current Research Project(s)

Selected Publications

  • Murphy, V.A. (2014) Second language learning in the early school years:  Trends and Contexts. Oxford: Oxford University Press
  • Murphy, V.A, Macaro, E., Alba, S & Cipolla, C. (2014) The influence of L2 learning on first language literacy skills.  Applied Psycholinguistics
  • Campfield, D. & Murphy,V.A. (2014) Elicited Imitation: In search of the influence of linguistic rhythm on child L2 acquisition System(42), 207-219.
  • Hennebry, M., Rogers, V., Macaro, E. & Murphy, V.A. (2013). Direct teaching of vocabulary after listening:  Is it worth the effort and what method is best? Language Learning Journal
  • Murphy, V.A & Castillo, J.T. (2013). Modality, vocabulary size and question type as mediators of listening comprehension.  Contemporary Foreign Language Studies: Perspectives on Second Language Learning, Teaching and Testing/Assessment, 396(12), 16-31. DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8921.2013.12.003
  • Campfield, D. & Murphy, V.A. (2013).  The influence of prosodic input in the second language classroom:  Does it stimulate child acquisition of word order and function words?  Language Learning Journal
  • Hayashi, Y. & Murphy, V.A. (2013).  On the nature of morphological awareness in Japanese-English bilingual children: A cross-linguistic perspective. Bilingualism:  Language and Cognition, 16, 49-67.
  • Hayashi, Y. & Murphy, V.A. (2011).  An investigation of morphological awareness in Japanese learners of English. Language Learning Journal 39, 105-120.
  • Martinez, R. & Murphy, V.A. (2011).  The effect of frequency and idiomaticity on second language reading comprehension. TESOL Quarterly 45, pp. 267-290
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  • Murphy, V.A. & Hayes, J.A. (2010).  Processing English compounds in the first and second language:  The influence of the middle morpheme. Language Learning, 60(1), 194-220
  • Murphy, R.A., Mondragon, E. & Murphy, V.A. (2009) Covariation, temporal order and generalization: Building blocks of causal cognition. International Journal of Comparative Cognition Special Issue on Causal Cognition.  22, 61 – 74.
  • Murphy, R.A., Mondragon, E. & Murphy, V.A. (2008). Rule learning by rats. Science 319, 1849-1851.
  • Murphy, V.A., Dockrell, J., Messer, D & Farr, H. (2008).  Morphosyntax in children with word finding difficulties. Journal of Child Language, 35, 1 – 18.


  • Department staff

College affiliation

  • St Anne's College


  • Professor of Applied Linguistics

Research groups

  • Applied Linguistics