Rossana Barros

Rossana did her training to be a psychologist in Costa Rica and she moved to England to do a Masters in Child Development and Learning.

Since 2008 she has worked doing research at the Department of Education at Oxford University and in Peru with an NGO promoting education in most disadvantaged areas.

Book chapters

  • Nunes, T, Barros Baertl, R, Evans, D, Burman, D (2012) “A Game-Based Working Memory Intervention for Deaf Children”, In: S De Wannemacker, S Vandercruysse, G Clarebout (eds.) Serious Games: The Challenge. Communications in Computer and Information Science. Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer. 31-39

Journal articles

  • Nunes, T, Bryant, P, Evans, D, Barros, R (2015) “Assessing Quantitative Reasoning in Young Children”, MATHEMATICAL THINKING AND LEARNING. 17(2-3) 178-196.

  • Bryant, P, Nunes, T, Hillier, J, Gilroy, C, Barros, R (2015) “THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ABLE TO DEAL WITH VARIABLES IN LEARNING SCIENCE”, International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. 13(1) 145-163.

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  • Nunes, T, Bryant, P, Sylva, K, Barros Baertl, R (2009) Development of maths capabilities and confidence in primary school. London:


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  • Children Learning

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