In the Media

24 Nov 2017
Times Educational Supplement
How star jumps can boost nursery children’s learning

28 Nov 2017
Times Educational Supplement
Assessment: The ‘worrying’ rise in exam malpractice and four other trends discussed by experts today

 6 Dec 2017
The Times
England worst in schooling summer-born 

4 Dec 2017
The Conversation
Black students on going to Oxbridge: ‘it’s not even asked or pushed for, it’s just assumed no one is applying’

29 Dec 2017
The Oxford Times
HONOURS: Professor of education made an OBE

20 Feb 2018
The Conversation
What you need to know about the tuition fee review – an how it could affect students

31 March 2018
The Economist
England has become one of the world’s biggest education laboratories

5 April 2018
BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour
Professor Kathy Sylva contributes to a discussion on the future of Sure Start children’s centres as part of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.
Alex Jones, Children’s centres, Commonwealth Games

16 April 2018 
FE Week
Market or system – what’s the best model for FE?

19 April 2018
The Times higher Education
Following the footprints of spies on campus

19 April 2018
The Economist
Britain’s ambitious apprenticeship reforms are in trouble

19 April 2018
BBC News Education
Narrow vocabulary ‘hits pupils’ grades’

15 May 2018
FE Week
What are the biggest problems with T-levels?

16 May 2018
Parenting app has ‘positive effects’ on pre-schoolers’ cognitive development

6 June
The Conversation
How Russia is using international students as a weapon in the new Cold War

12 June 2018
FE Week
Stop fighting over the crumbs of the adult education budget!

10 September 2018
Ofqual: ‘Our exams system is as good as any’