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Page last modified: October 5, 2017


Volume 43, number 5, October 2017

Special Issue: Muslims, schooling and the limits of religious identity

Guest editors: Farid Panjwani and Daniel Moulin-Stożek


Editorial Muslims, schooling and the limits of religious identity Farid Panjwani and Daniel Moulin-Stożek

Secular normativity and the religification of Muslims in Swedish public schooling Jenny Berglund

Is tolerance of faiths helpful in English school policy? Reification, complexity and values education Robert Bowie

The religious and social correlates of Muslim identity: an empirical enquiry into religification among male adolescents in the UK Leslie J. Francis and Ursula McKenna

Beyond myths of Muslim education: a case study of two Iranian ‘supplementary’ schools in London Reza Gholami

Identification and disidentification in reported schooling experiences of adolescent Muslims in England Daniel Moulin-Stożek and Bertram J. Schirr

No Muslim is just a Muslim: implications for education Farid Panjwani

The religious-secular interface and representations of Islam in phenomenological religious education Shiraz Thobani

On the ‘front lines’ of the classroom: moral education and Muslim students in French state schools Kirsten Wesselhoeft