Enkhzul Dambajantsan (MSc Higher Education)(video)

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Tell us something about what you were doing before you came to Oxford

I graduated from the University of the Humanities, Mongolia in 2008 with the BSc degree in Financial Administration (Banking management). After graduation, I have worked at my university as a lecturer in finance while reading for MBA degree during the academic year 2008/09.

What do you like most about studying in the Department of Education?

This department employs the leading specialists in the field, who are actively engaged in creating new knowledge, advancing knowledge in the field and involved in projects directly related to educational policies. Thus, its research quality ranks top not only nationally but also internationally. Thanks to this active contribution that Oxford education professors make to the educational literature, students at the department are best informed about the current debates and future directions in the field of education. This knowledge dissemination is ensured by the regular formal talks by academics, and even informally by the coffee breaks, where all the academics and students come together and have casual conversations. Such interaction is only possible in a tight academic community like Oxford Department of Education has.

What attracted you to the programme of study here?

My programme is most attractive in its selection of a wide range of topics, and its combination of various learning modes. We conceptualise educational theories, we discuss practical problems in worldwide context and offer potential solutions, we work in team projects on current issues/debates, and we work individually on our research projects. We listen to our lecturers, to distinguished speakers, and to our fellow students, yet we give presentations and argue/defend our points. This combination of educational experiences provides ability to deeply engage with any area of our interest in the field, and equips with necessary knowledge and skills of becoming an independent researcher. A wide range of career prospects, such as researcher, educational consultant, lecturer in education, and academic developer, comes with this flexibility.

What qualities do you think an Education student at Oxford needs to have in order to be successful?

An Oxford student must be determined and hardworking. The programme schedule is usually very tight, that you are expected to do coursework, while proceeding with your dissertation project. As you face regular deadlines, you should not give up but must persevere to get the most out of your education here. It is obviously very difficult to work hard unless you are motivated and enthusiastic about your study. Thus having a passion for your study and an interest to pursue it in the future is also crucial.

We hope that you would recommend the Department of Education as a place to come and study. What reasons would you give for this?

I recommend Oxford to the prospective students as the best place to study education for the following reasons.

  • It provides the perfect learning environment. The class size is usually very small, thus students get personal attention and support in their studies and individual supervision in their research projects. The lecturers engage every single student into class discussions. All the students in the class independently think, critically engage with the literature, and discuss our ideas. Based on everybody’s contribution, we all come to a new understanding and develop new ideas at the end of each discussion. We are not passively instructed or lectured, but we are professionally supported in building the knowledge ourselves. Thus, it becomes a real learning experience that the knowledge acquired is not easily forgotten.
  • As previously stated, the professors at our department are among the top in the world, thus we can easily get expert advice on any professional matter in the field.
  • The department offers excellent learning opportunities. Department of Education hosts regular talks, lectures, and seminars by distinguished speakers, coming from all over the world. There are various workshops and research conferences that students can participate. The department also has very good library collections and educational resources. In addition to all these opportunities, your institutional affiliation provides access to most of the talks and lectures hosted by other Oxford departments, and colleges, and to the various courses in computing, academic writing, foreign languages etc.

What are your career ambitions after you complete the course?

I did not have big career ambitions before coming to Oxford. I imagined that I would spend the rest of my life teaching finance at the university. However, during my time here, I have gained confidence in myself, and in what I can do and achieve, by being supervised by the very top academics, by studying along the very best students in a competitive environment and by having sufficient challenges to motivate myself. Having boosted my self confidence, I have set an ambitious goal in my career to become an internationally recognised educational researcher. I would like to be involved in my country’s current educational policy reforms, by informing their decisions by my research. I would also like to contribute to the international education literature.

If I knew before I started the course what I know now, I would….

Reading around in the field before starting the course seems to be helpful. When I first came here, I did not know anything about education as a field of study, and did not have any specific project in mind for my dissertation. Had I acquainted myself with the literature, and formed a clear idea about what I want to do for my dissertation before starting my course, I would have proceeded with my dissertation project much faster, and probably would have made much effective use of my time.

Please add anything else you would like to say

I must mention the package of advantages that comes with Oxford education.

  • It gives a great boost in your career. Oxford has worldwide recognition for its high quality education, thus having an Oxford degree will give you an edge over most of your peers.
  • It broadens your perspectives and develops you personally. Oxford community is very international, so you meet people from all over the world, pursuing all the disciplines. Being exposed to such diversity, you develop a better understanding of your own culture and own discipline, by comparing and being able to see it in relation to others.
  • It gives a great personal satisfaction. As Oxford is the oldest university in the English speaking world, it has a well-established academic culture of 800 years. Having a prestigious identity and experiencing the oldest academic tradition is a unique experience that you will always be proud of.

I strongly believe that Oxford is a university where education takes place in its ideal form.

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