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Tell us something about what you were doing before you came to Oxford

Retired from the Police Service 2001, after 23 yrs service former Police Trainer at both force and National level. Completed Home office National Police Trainers course. Recently qualified as a teacher having completed PGDE at University of Bolton, between 2007 and 2009. Lots of work and life experience including working for Training provider in Manchester area. Still play NWCSL league squash but moving further down the pecking order as the years pass by.

What do you like most about studying in the Department of Education?

I have finally realised that I actually enjoy studying, a far cry from when I was in my 20’s. Being part time my experiences are different from full time students and what I like is the flexibility of part time learning. Basically, most of my studies depend upon my own motivation. Weblearn is excellent resource as are the excellent links to the University library system. With a busy work schedule, part time study is ideal for me. I like the link with the department which serves as a focal point and a source of information and advice. The email system allows me to keep track of what is going on and the opportunity to attend seminars and lectures if possible. Also enjoy the mixed age and experience range where we all learn from each other.

What attracted you to the programme of study here?

The reputation of the university and staff, the flexibility of the new course, the opportunity to be part of a world renowned establishment, the structure and nature of the course and the support that goes with it. I liked the look of it and the promotional information engaged me.

What qualities do you think an Education student at Oxford needs to have in order to be successful?

Success can be measured in a number of ways. Many people would feel successful when offered a place. Others need to achieve high scores. Self motivation is a key skill as is the mindset that allows you to be willing to participate and be open to new ideas. Resourcefulness and the willingness to take chances all help.

We hope that you would recommend the Department of Education as a place to come and study. What reasons would you give for this?

All staff are particularly helpful and friendly. Online resources for training and research are excellent. The web learn platform is a really great tool for submitting work sharing information and giving feedback from a distance. The networking opportunities are great. As is the opportunity to be lectured by tutors who are at the top of their game. Friendly welcoming atmosphere and the opportunity to be a full part of the University all help make the experience worthwhile. The environment is full of people who really want to be there.

What are your career ambitions after you complete the course?

Taking one step at a time, but I would like to learn more about research and really fancy doing a Doctorate in education at some point in the future. As far as work is concerned I want to share much of what I have learned with colleagues and use the new skills I learn in my own practice. One day I would like to work in Oxford and you never know.

If I knew before I started the course what I know now, I would….

Have studied much harder when I was much younger and hopefully gained a place at Oxford where I could have engaged myself on a full time rather than part time basis. That said, it is never too late to learn I have no regrets and there is hope for us all, even at my age.

Please add anything else you would like to say

I am finding the course not only intellectually challenging but an excellent way of meeting new people and sharing ideas.

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