Sarah Walter

I found my time in the MSc Child Development and Education course extremely interesting and useful. I came straight from finishing a BA in Psychology in Canada to this master’s course.

While my undergraduate background was very helpful and relevant to the coursework, it was nice to have classmates from all different academic and cultural backgrounds who exposed me to many different ideas about the topics of study that I may not have otherwise considered. In particular, as someone with no teaching experience it was interesting to hear the opinions of my classmates who were teachers, as they often viewed research from a different perspective than myself.

The course gave us the flexibility to tailor our master’s research projects to our own interests, even if these were not solely in the realm of education, for example more towards the fields of psychology, sociology, or anthropology. As well, there was a lot of peer and professor feedback, especially during the very early stages of my research project, which was really helpful when I had questions or problems.

Something I appreciated a great deal was that we were encouraged to do our research in our home countries if we wanted to. This allowed me to make connections with researchers working in my hometown and to get a sense of the career opportunities at home while I was still studying.

I did not choose to continue my master’s research project after the course. However my experience in completing the master’s led me to decide to stay at Oxford to complete a DPhil in Education. The knowledge I gained from the CDE course, both about how to do research generally and specific to child development has been invaluable during this process.