Admission procedure (DPhil)

Application status:


Deadlines for 2019/20 Entry

For entry in October 2019, one application deadline will be used. The deadline is:

  • Friday 25th January 2019 (12:00 noon UK time)

Applicants who wish to apply for any Scholarship MUST apply by the January 2019 deadline.

For more information about the university deadlines, please see the Graduate Admissions Website.

Application Procedure

All applications go through the Oxford University Graduate Admissions Office and application guidelines etc. can be downloaded from their website. Please read the guidelines thoroughly and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

College Membership

Every student at Oxford must become a member of one of the colleges of the University.  The college application procedure is simple and begins only after the Department has accepted an applicant onto one of the higher degree courses. Applicants should not contact colleges direct.

For more information, including how to choose a college and which colleges accept Education students, please click here.

Fees and Funding

Please visit our Fees page for the current cost of our courses.

For details of our scholarships, please click here.


Applicants living in Britain will be invited for an interview as soon as possible after submitting their application. Unfortunately, the Department cannot reimburse the expenses of an interview.  Overseas applicants will be invited to a Skype interview.

Prior to your interview, written work submitted as part of your application will be put through the University’s plagiarism detection software system by the Department and any significant similarities will be discussed at interview. For further details please click here.

Page last modified: August 31, 2018