Fees are paid for each year of study and increase annually. You are required to pay University tuition fees while following the Postgraduate Diploma part of the course. When you progress to the final year of the course you pay both University tuition fees and college fees.

The total fee amount that you will pay will depend on your route through the course.

If you are following the two-year programme, you will be eligible to pay tuition fees for the first year, and tuition fees and college fees for the second year.

If you are following the three-year programme, you will be eligible to pay tuition fees for the first and second year, and tuition fees and college fees for the third year.

Specific information about the fee costs are available from the University Tuition and College Fees web page at http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/graduate/fees-and-funding/fees-and-other-charges  Note that when calculating fees for the course there will be small percentage increase each year.

There are sometimes funding opportunities available for students:

  • A Departmental bursary of £450 is available to students commencing their studies in 2018/19. Eligible students must fulfil the following criteria:
    • Students must be within their first three years of teaching at the start of the course, i.e. NQT, NQT+1, or NQT+2.
    • Self-funding for a proportion of the fees. Note that if the self-funded amount is less than the available bursary, the bursary will be reduced to match.

The bursary is available in the third term of study, i.e. Trinity (Summer) Term 2019, it cannot be used to reduce termly fees. Further Departmental grants, and the amount to be funded, for subsequent years will be announced at the beginning of the second and third year (if appropriate).

  • MSc in Learning & Teaching (HK) Bursary, generously funded by donation from Enhancing Holistic Learning Academy (EHLA), a Hong Kong based educational organisation developing innovative learning systems to support disadvantaged children in Asia.  The donation is managed through the auspices of the Oxford Education Society – the society of alumni and friends of the Department – in cooperation with the University of Oxford China Office and the Oxford Thinking Campaign.  Each application will be considered by a panel and the decision to award a bursary will be based on the following criteria:
    • Students should be working directly with disadvantaged pupils in their school (in the UK, disadvantaged pupils are understood to be those eligible for free school meals).
    • At least 50% of the course fees are self-funded by the student.
    • Students should be working with non-fee paying schools in the UK or the equivalent overseas.

The bursary will be awarded to a maximum of five students in the first year.  Successful students will receive £1,000 in 2018/19, with a further sum of £1,000 payable in each year of the course.  Payments will be made by termly instalments.  Students awarded the bursary will no longer be eligible for the NQT bursary.  Applications should be made by 30th June 2018, once an offer for a place on the course has been made.

  • Professional development funding opportunities from the Teacher Agency. The National Scholarship Fund is currently offered by the Teacher Agency. The MSc Learning & Teaching is recognised as a professional development course and several students have successfully applied for funding to support their studies.

Page last modified: September 1, 2017