Course structure

There are four taught units, each lasting eight weeks.  In a typical week students will complete a series of tasks, the outcomes of which will be commented upon by the tutor and by peers.

Tasks will involve individual and group work and small projects.  All tasks will be based on readings provided or readily accessible, and on participants’ own practice.  These units last from October to December, and January to March.

There will be two residential units in Oxford consisting of lectures, discussions, group work, fieldwork in schools, private study and student presentations.  The first of these is in late August.  The second focuses on research methods and takes place in October to coincide with matriculation.  An outline of the structure is shown below.

Year 1 Component Supervision Assessment
August Residential unit Formative and diagnostic
Term 1 (Michaelmas) Distance unit Online community participation and tutor feedback Assignment
Term 2 (Hilary) Distance unit Assignment
Term 3 (Trinity) Informal preparatory reading for dissertation /


Year 2 Component Supervision Assessment
October Residential unit Online community participation and tutor feedback Formative and diagnostic
Term 4 (Michaelmas) Distance unit Assignment
Term 5 (Hilary) Distance unit Assignment
Term 6 (Trinity) Research and development project Online and face-to-face individual supervision Dissertation


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