Formative assessment

Formative assessment, that is, assessment without marks which aims to help the student develop in understanding and skill, will take place in the first residential module and then throughout the course.

Summative assessment

Summative assessment at the end of each module will be based upon one written take-home examination per taught module.

The take-home examination will be marked according to the University’s usual marking scheme and will assess the student’s ability to discuss the issues in English language teaching and learning covered in the module, using appropriate metalanguage; to analyse and critique classroom practice; to analyse and critique research articles both for their content and for the research methods therein; to make links between theory and practice; to solve problems; and to draw implications for teaching in their own context.

The balance of these elements in the assessment may differ between modules, and will be specified in each module handbook. An average passing mark for the seven best module assessments will be required in order for the Diploma to be granted.

Page last modified: September 4, 2017