Course structure

Residential module

In the first one-week residential module in Oxford, students will get to know each other and the tutor, building a learning community that will then continue online. They will carry out a knowledge and skills audit, develop their skills in academic reading and writing, and learn the basics of quantitative and qualitative data analysis in order to read research articles in the field. They will begin to use the many different electronic resources available to Oxford students, including the virtual learning environment that their distance learning modules will be based on. They will produce a piece of written work to be commented on helpfully by the tutor. There will also be opportunities to socialize and to meet other members of the Oxford Applied Linguistics group.

Accommodation for the residential week will be in an Oxford college, and accommodation costs, as well as a substantial proportion of the costs of meals in college, are included in the course fees.

Distance-taught modules

Students will complete two taught modules in each of two eight-week terms in the first year (four modules in total), and a further three taught modules in the second year, plus a dissertation. They will be asked to read, and sometimes to listen to and to watch, research and other work relevant to the two topics of the week. There will be a number of tasks based on the input, some of which will require students to post their work to the virtual learning environment. Sometimes students will be asked to work in pairs or groups, and they will usually be asked to comment on each other’s contributions.

Page last modified: September 4, 2017