PGCE interns arrange their own accommodation for the PGCE year. Arrangements tend to be made through Colleges, the University or private landlords. Some students will live in their own accommodation.

Many Colleges are able to offer accommodation, and this is often in graduate houses or flats within the city. Some are able to offer accommodation for couples and families. You should check the College websites to see which do offer accommodation. If your application is made late in the application cycle it is less likely that College accommodation will be available.

The University manages some accommodation for graduates in addition to that offered by the Colleges. You can find more information at the Accommodation Office. Again, this is less likely to be available later in the application cycle.

If you would prefer to arrange accommodation independently of the University and Colleges there are many local letting agents in the Oxfordshire area that can be found using the Internet.

The PGCE office can also put you in touch with other PGCE interns who are looking for accommodation.

Page last modified: October 13, 2016