Application procedure

All applications to the PGCE course at Oxford must be made online through UCAS Teacher Training.  Please check if there are vacancies available.

Guidance on filling out a UCAS application form

Please read the relevant UCAS guidance before you fill out the application form.

  • The first sections of the application ask for general personal details.
  • You are then asked to list up to three course/institution combination choices. Please check that you have listed the course/institution combination codes correctly.

Oxford University PGCE courses (O33)

UCAS Course Code

English Q3X1
Geography F8X1
History V1X1
Maths G1X1
MFL: French R1X1
MFL: French with German RX11
MFL: French with Spanish RXD1
MFL: Spanish with French 38RT
MFL: German with French RX21
MFL: European Language with Mandarin 357L
Religious Education V6X1
Religious Education (School Direct) 22YF
Science: Biology C1X1
Science: Chemistry F1X1
Science: Physics F3X1

When listing your academic qualifications in the application form please ensure that the individual qualification title plus main marks/grades are given for each subject. Where possible please also provide details of the subjects studied as part of your degree.

  • Your personal statement is an important part of your application. It is your chance to tell us why you should be chosen to do the PGCE course and should demonstrate your commitment, enthusiasm and motivation. Your statement should tell us why you wish to teach at secondary school level and why you wish to teach your selected subject.
  • You should inform us of any relevant experience you have of working with children and young people and what insights into teaching you have gained from this. Ideally this should include at least one day observing in a UK secondary comprehensive school.
  • You are asked to provide two references. If you are a student, or have been within the last five years, then please ensure that one of these is a (former) tutor in the relevant subject. You should inform your referees that you are intending to apply for the PGCE so that they are able to prepare a relevant reference for your application.

When you make an application you will need to pay an application fee to UCAS. This can be done online using a credit/debit card. Full instructions can be found on their website.

UCAS will begin taking applications in late October prior to the entry year. Applications are received, by us, from UCAS, throughout the academic year or until each subject is full, which in some cases may be as early as February. It is recommended that you apply as early as possible as competition for places on the PGCE programme is strong.

Up to date details of vacancies can be viewed on the UCAS website by doing a course search and selecting OX33 Oxford University.

If you wish to apply for our School Direct routes you should also apply through UCAS. School Direct places are listed under the name of the lead school: for Religious Education this is Wokingham Secondary Federation (UCAS course code 22YF).

If you have any queries regarding UCAS processes please contact:

The Universities and College Admissions Service
New Barn Lane
Gloucestershire GL52 3LZ
Tel: 0371 468 0468       Website:

Page last modified: January 25, 2018