College membership

All students at Oxford, including PGCE interns, become a member of one of the Colleges of the University.

The College system gives you an opportunity to meet and mix with people outside the Department and Colleges offer a wide range of academic and social activities, as well as catering for most sporting interests. PGCE interns are full members of their College and are eligible to participate in all its activities.

The College application procedure begins after you have been offered a place on the PGCE as college application forms are sent to you once you have accepted your place on the PGCE course.

You are not necessarily guaranteed your first choice so an alternative College will be chosen in consultation with the PGCE Office. Once you have been accepted by a College they will inform you in writing with the conditions of their offer.

To find out more information regarding the Colleges please visit their websites.

The search facility here can help you to find the most relevant Colleges for the PGCE course.

Page last modified: October 17, 2017