Course components

There are two main components of the course:

  • Curriculum (subject related) work.
  • Professional Development Programme.

Curriculum Work

Curriculum work includes a range of activities related to the teaching of a specific subject in the secondary school. These activities include seminars and workshops in the University, as well as collaborative teaching, solo teaching, observation and discussion in school. The activities are aimed at giving interns competence in teaching their subject, the opportunity to develop a range of teaching strategies, an understanding of wider issues affecting the teaching of those subjects within the whole school curriculum. The work in each subject is organised by the Curriculum Tutor and school mentor for that subject. Part of the work in each subject area is planned for all interns, and part develops from the progress of individual interns.

An experienced teacher (or mentor) co-ordinates the subject related classroom based activities of the intern. The mentor provides guidance and support and, as the year goes by, judges when and how to increase an intern’s experience and responsibilities. The school based mentor liaises with the Curriculum Tutor from the University to plan tasks and activities for the interns.

Interns complete three written assignments related to their subject teaching. These all involve school based investigation and the critical analysis of relevant research and professional literature.

Professional Development Programme

The professional development programme (PDP) involves a range of activities related to important educational issues. These activities include lectures in the University, weekly seminars in school and an assignment focused on a specific aspect of schooling of the interns’ own choice. These activities are aimed at giving interns an understanding of whole-school and cross-curricular issues, and an appreciation of the contribution which they can make to developing these issues through teaching their own subjects.

The Professional Tutor responsible for interns at the school co-ordinates school based activities related to general educational issues, called the school professional development programme.
Some aspects of the PDP are planned and organised for all interns by university tutors, who take responsibility for particular issues. The detailed programme for the interns in each school, however, is organised by the Professional Tutor and General Tutor for that school.

Additional Optional Classes

Optional classes are open to all interns. These currently include:

  • Additional learning needs
  • Citizenship
  • Drama
  • Education in developing countries
  • Learners, learning and evidence
  • Mindfulness
  • Voice care

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