Masters level accreditation

The PGCE at Oxford is assessed as an M level course (in line with the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education).

Successful completion of the three examined assignments at Masters level carries the award of 60 M level credits (which may be built upon later to achieve a full MSc degree in Learning and Teaching).

In all assignments practical investigation of pedagogical or wider educational issues through your own practice and school-based research is integrated with wider reading of relevant research and professional literature.

The first curriculum assignment (submitted in late October) is marked according to the M level criteria, but is not formally examined, allowing interns to develop their understanding of the requirements of M level work and to receive detailed formative feedback on the processes of researching and writing about classroom practice. The second and third curriculum assignments, focused on specific aspects of your own developing practice as a teacher, are formally examined.

The PDP assignment, focused on a wider educational issue within your placement school, is also formally examined.

All three examined assignments must be passed at Masters level for the award of the Postgraduate Certificate in Education, but those who pass the assignments at Honours level can still be awarded a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (provided that their practice also meets the Teachers’ Standards).

Page last modified: October 23, 2017