School Direct PGCE

The University of Oxford Department of Education is working with Wokingham Secondary Federation, to provide places for RE on the School Direct scheme.

You can find more information about the School Direct programme from their website:

You can apply for these places through UCAS.

Frequently asked questions

How is School Direct different from a PGCE?

For School Direct places the selection of candidates is led by the alliance of schools which is offering the places.  There is an expectation, though not a guarantee, that the student will be considered for employment in one of the alliance schools once they have finished the course.  The course is slightly longer than a standard PGCE course, starting at the beginning of the school year.  The extra course time is used to provide additional learning experiences for the School Direct interns that reflect the particular context of the alliance of schools.

What is not different?

School Direct interns join the cohort of other PGCE students for the course at the University of Oxford Department of Education.  They are assessed using the same standards and procedures as other PGCE students.  They undertake all written assignments that are part of the course and are eligible for the award of PGCE at the end of it.  Both routes lead to Qualified Teacher Status.

Will I be a member of the University?

Yes, with all that entails in terms of facilities, resources, social and academic opportunities.  You will also, in common with other university students, be a full member of a college.

Are the fees and bursary the same as for the PGCE?


What is School Direct (salaried)?

School Direct (salaried) is an employment-based route available to graduates with at least three years’ work experience who will earn a salary whilst they train.  This route is not offered in conjunction with the University of Oxford.

Can I apply for the PGCE and for School Direct?

Yes.  UCAS Apply 1 allows you to apply for any 3 courses concurrently.  You will not be put at any disadvantage on either route by applying for both.  However you should be aware that selection for the two routes is made using almost entirely the same criteria, and that the selection panels will have members in common.

Are all subjects available?

The School Direct places offered for September 2018 through University of Oxford are only for Religious Education.

Do I apply for School Direct through UCAS?


What are the schools like?

You can find information about the distinctive features of the schools involved from their website:

How will I be allocated to a school if I am on the PGCE but not on the School Direct programme?

Our partner schools are in all parts of Oxfordshire and just over the Oxfordshire borders into Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Reading.  These schools offer internship places for our PGCE students.  In the summer before the PGCE course starts interns are allocated to schools by the PGCE office, based on a range of criteria including schools’ curricular requirements and interns’ backgrounds and personal circumstances.

Page last modified: October 23, 2017