The PGCE programme is both challenging and rewarding and we hope that it will develop both your enthusiasm and confidence as a geographer and as a teacher. Geography is facing many challenges within the present education system. It is an exciting and relevant subject which plays a major role in helping young people to develop a better understanding of the increasingly complex world in which they live. As a trainee teacher, you will have the opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills, expand your subject knowledge and engage in debates about the nature and purpose of geography education.

The main aims of the geography course are to provide the foundations for you to become an inspiring and effective geography teacher and to become an innovative leader in the field. Central to the course is the basic tenant that all young people, regardless of social class, race, ethnicity, gender or ability can learn and enjoy geography, and that geography, as a discipline, has a significant contribution to make to the broader aims of education. The idea of ‘subject’ is central to the design of the course and we encourage you to engage critically with on-going policy and academic debates about what kinds of geographies are fit for a 21st century education system. It follows that, by the end of the course, you should:

  • be competent in the skills of teaching geography, as specified in the Standards for the award of Qualified Teacher Status
  • understand the contribution that you as a geography teacher can make to the education of pupils in the widest sense
  • be able to take responsibility for your continuing professional development

We work with partnership secondary schools in city, suburban and rural settings in the state sector. The course is jointly planned by local teachers from partnership schools and the university geography education tutors. It consists of an integrated programme of lesson observations and reviews, school-based activities, teaching, evaluation and reflection in your partnership schools and university workshops, lectures, tutorials and fieldwork. You will gain fieldwork experience in your schools and during a weekend residential course at a Field Studies Council centre, where you will also learn about the legal requirements and the practicalities of organising fieldwork. You will also be expected to read and to critically engage in all aspects of the programme, taking account of your own ideas about the sort of teacher you would like to be.

Assessment of your progress and achievements are jointly carried out by your schools and the university, and you take part in informal and formal discussions about this. Continuous assessment is used throughout the course and there are no examinations. Our geography course is led by two very experienced geography teacher educators.

The programme aims to help you:

  • broaden and deepen your knowledge and understanding of Geography for teaching purposes
  • raise your understanding of and develop your skills in the classroom management, planning, teaching, assessment, recording and evaluation
  • provide you with an informed and critical view of National Curriculum, GCSE and A level requirements
  • develop your understanding of the differing needs of the students you teach
  • help you develop as a professional

We welcome applications from anyone who meets the PGCE entry criteria. Please see the Admission Policy for more details. If you have a specific requirement, which you would like to discuss prior to making an application, please contact the PGCE office.

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Page last modified: October 23, 2017