FELL is an innovative Research Group at the forefront of local, national and international research that aims to make a difference to children’s lives.

The focus of our research is on both the early and primary school years. The FELL group develops and drives research and practice to support: children’s learning; quality of provision and curriculum; parents’ engagement with their children; the professional development of early years educators; post-graduate education and training in early and primary school studies, and also to promote public policy engagement.
FELL aims to conduct world leading research which supports and advances:

  1. Ways to enhance the quality and effectiveness of practice in early childhood environments and the range of curricula offered within these;
  2. Professionals’ understanding of children’s learning and development, in both early years settings and schools;
  3. Parents’ and carers’ awareness of, and engagement with, children’s learning and their development through early childhood interventions that aim to enhance, the quality of learning environments in pre-school and at home
  4. Policy and practice in both early and primary years;
  5. Methodological debates in the field of early childhood and primary education.

Our focus is on ways in which the family, care and educational environments shape the child’s cognitive, social and emotional development. The main themes in our work are early childhood education and care, language, literacy and numeracy, professional development, family engagement, learning processes and educational effectiveness studies of learning and improvement (including leadership and quality). FELL applies state-of-the-art quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research. We disseminate best practice on methodology of longitudinal studies, intensive longitudinal (“intrapersonal”) studies, and experimental interventions. We have expertise in running case studies, RCTs as well as designing, implementing and evaluating interventions. The audience for our research includes the academic community but also incorporates policy makers at national and local levels with whom we work in close partnership.


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