Department of Education

Aizuddin Mohamed Anuar

DPhil Student

College Affiliation: New College

Aizuddin “Jude” Mohamed Anuar is a Malaysian DPhil student in education and a Clarendon-New College scholar.

As part of a broader research interest in educational equity and education as a social practice, his DPhil research focuses on STEM education and career aspirations of young people in urban and rural settings in his home country, Malaysia. His research is guided by the interdisciplinary spirit of comparative education, as well as mixed methods and ethnographic approaches.

Jude previously completed an MSc in Comparative and International Education in the department. Prior to Oxford, he was part of the corporate philanthropy team for a multinational organisation in Malaysia, focusing on planning, establishing partnerships and implementing education outreach initiatives targeting underprivileged communities across the country. This experience has also led to a research interest in the role of philanthropy and the non-state sector in education.

Jude also holds an MA in Cognitive Studies in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and a BE (Hons) in Chemical Engineering from the University of New South Wales.

Thesis title: Young people’s STEM education and career aspirations: A comparative study on the ecological systems in urban and rural Malaysia


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