Department of Education

Anne Desiderio

DPhil Student

College Affiliation: St Antony's College

Anne is a doctoral student whose research focuses on comparative and international education, with a primary focus on higher and post-secondary education in the Middle East.

Her previous research has used video technology to teach ESL pragmatics to L1 Arabic speakers in the United Arab Emirates. She has also worked with non-profit educational organisations to improve access to higher and post-secondary education for rural, low-SES students in the United States and abroad.

Prior to arriving to the University of Oxford, Anne earned M.A. degrees in the fields of Modern Middle Eastern and North African Studies (University of Michigan), Higher Education (University of Michigan), and TESOL (Michigan State University). She earned her B.A. degrees in Anthropology and Spanish (Michigan State University), graduating both times with honours.

Anne is a Rotary Global Grant Scholar conducting service work on improving access to quality higher and post-secondary education for low-SES students in the UK. Anne was a Boren Fellow to Qatar and a recipient of a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) for study in Morocco.

Anne has recently worked with educational exchange programs in the country of Georgia. For several years she also worked in international programs at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. Prior to this, she was an ESL instructor at Michigan State University.


Building a knowledge-based economy: the effects of globalization on postsecondary education in Qatar

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