Department of Education

Christopher D. Hammond

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: Linacre College

Chris Hammond is a part-time doctoral student working under the supervision of Professor Simon Marginson.

He has an MA in Comparative Education from the UCL Institute of Education (UK) and a Master’s in Teaching from the University of Washington (USA). Chris’s primary research focuses on higher education internationalization and regional cooperation in the context of Northeast Asian international relations. He is also involved in a number of collaborative projects, including a study of the experiences and strategies of junior international academics at Japanese universities, a comparative study of universities as spaces for student activism, and a project comparing the global engagement of disaster science research institutes in Japan and the UK.

In addition to research, Chris has worked as a teacher at various levels in Japan and the USA, and as a manager of study abroad, international internships, and international volunteering at a university in the UK. Chris has spent the majority of his professional career as a teacher and researcher at universities in Japan.

Title of Thesis

Regional cooperation in Northeast Asia: comparing policy across institutions and disciplines in the higher education sector in Japan

Research papers (International peer-reviewed research journals) 

Hammond, C.D. (2019). Dynamics of higher education research collaboration and regional integration in Northeast Asia: a study of the A3 Foresight Program. Higher Education, Springer Netherlands. Published online February 7, 2019 at

Hammond, C.D. (2018).  Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Comparing Policy Ideas across Institutions and Disciplines at Japanese Universities. (Graduate student research-in-progress), Journal of Comparative & International Higher Education10 (Winter), 46-48.

Hammond, C. D., & Keating, A. (2018). Global citizens or global workers? Comparing university programmes for global citizenship education in Japan and the UK. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education48(6), 915-934.

Hammond, C. D. (2016). Internationalization, nationalism, and global competitiveness: a comparison of approaches to higher education in China and Japan. Asia Pacific Education Review17(4), 555-566.

Research papers (journals of universities and research associations in Japan)

HAMMOND, C.D – “Dynamics of East Asia: Cultural Connections, Contested History, and the Rise of China” The Journal of the Rikkyo University Language Center, No. 40, (in press), 2018. 

HAMMOND, C.D – “Corruption in the Classroom: The Dilemma of Public School Teachers in Cambodia Providing Private Tutoring to Their Own Students” The Journal of the Rikkyo University Language Center, No. 39, February 6, 2018.

HAMMOND, C.D. – “Planning for Improvement of Higher Education in Rural China: JICA’s Inland Higher Education Project”, The Journal of the Rikkyo University Language Center, 38, October 25, 2017.

HAMMOND, C.D. – “An Analysis of Dilemmas Impeding Internationalization of Japanese Higher Education”, Kwansei Gakuin University Social Sciences Review, February, 2013: 7-22.

HAMMOND, C.D. – “Internationalization of higher education in Japan: Recent trends and challenges from a comparative perspective”, JASEC Bulletin, December, 2012: 47-54.

HAMMOND, C.D. – “Study abroad and the Japanese university: Challenges and opportunities for the coming decade.” JACET Kansai Journal, no. 11. March, 2009: 75-86.

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