Department of Education

Chun Yeung (Gabriel) Lee

DPhil Student

College Affiliation: St Antony's College

Mr Chun Yeung (Gabriel) Lee is currently a doctoral student in Education with a specialisation in mathematics education and teacher education.

Gabriel previously completed his Master’s Degree of Education and Postgraduate Diploma in Education at The Education University of Hong Kong, and obtained his BSc in mathematics (minoring in Social Science) from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is the first recipient of the EdUHK’s Scholarship for Academic Excellence (Doctoral Programme).

Prior to joining the Department of Education, Gabriel has worked as a mathematics teacher at secondary schools in Hong Kong for five years. ‘Why do I learn mathematics? I don’t think, except arithmetic operations, mathematics has any meaning to me!’ This comment, by Gabriel’s former students, exemplifies Hong Kong students’ question about learning mathematics. In his experience, Gabriel realised the importance of learning mathematics (probably other subjects) with meanings. He then became interested in teaching and learning mathematical proof and history of mathematics, which he thinks they could be an answer to the question.

His DPhil research focuses on teacher beliefs and attitudes towards mathematical proof teaching and learning. He examines the interactions between teacher beliefs and attitudes towards mathematical proof and their intentions of mathematical proof teaching in school mathematics.

Gabriel is also a member of the mathematics education research group.


How to promote reasoning-and-proving in teacher education? A design research involving Hong Kong preservice secondary mathematics teachers

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