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Eleanor Rawling

Honorary Research Fellow

College Affiliation: St Hilda's College

Eleanor Rawling MBE is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Oxford Department of Education and an independent researcher and consultant, specialising in curriculum policy and curriculum change, particularly in relation to geography.

After attaining a degree in geography and a PGCE (1967-72) at the University of Oxford, she taught in a secondary school and worked on two curriculum development projects: Geography 16-19 at the University of London Institute of Education (1976-85) and Geography, Schools and Industry Project at the University of Oxford Department of Educational Studies (1987-91). In 1991, Eleanor was made a Research Fellow at the Oxford University Department of Educational Studies and also became President of the Geographical Association (1991-2) and Chair of the Council of British Geography (1993-5). She was awarded MBE in 1995 for services to geographical education.

From 1993-2005, Eleanor was Professional Officer for Geography with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, during which time, she also maintained her research activity and publications via links with the Oxford Department. A Leverhulme Research Fellowship 1999-2000 allowed her to take secondment from QCA to carry out a study of the impact of curriculum policy on school geography and the resulting book Changing the Subject; the impact of national policy on school geography 1980-2000 has been widely cited both in and beyond the geography education world. This was followed by a BERA publication Connecting Policy and Practice; Research in Geography Education. Eleanor’s contribution to policy studies was recognised by the award of the Royal Geographical Society’s prestigious Back Award for contributions to geography and education policy in 2003.

Since 2005, Eleanor has undertaken consultancy work for numerous organisations, including the Department for Education(England), edited the academic journal Geography, played roles in both the Royal Geographical Society and the Geographical Association and been an active member of the Geography Education Research Collective (GEReCo). She has given papers at a number of international conferences, including Brisbane, Washington DC, Toronto, New York and Boston.

Current research

Eleanor’s current research and writing focuses on curriculum policy, curriculum change and curriculum development. Recent work (2012- present) includes:

  • Lead writer and consultant for the Department of Education (England) on Geography National Curriculum and GCSE criteria;
  • Lead writer, consultant and member of Advanced Level Content Advisory Board (ALCAB) for Geography;
  • Consultant to the Welsh Assembly Government’s curriculum design and development team developing a curriculum framework for Wales and working on the Humanities AoLE;
  • Research and updating of ‘ Changing the Subject; the impact of policy on school geography’
  • International member of a US project Transformative Research in Geography Education, funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Centre for Research in Geography Education (Texas State University)
  • Founder member and active contributor to the Geography Education Research Collective (GEReCo)

Eleanor’s recent research has also extended into the area of cultural geography, in particular the dynamics of self and place, geography’s links with literature and poetry and the implications of these developments  for geography education. In 2011, she published a book about the poet, Ivor Gurney (Ivor Gurney’s Gloucestershire; exploring poetry and place), two chapters examining  the role and challenge of place in school geography (2011 and 2016) and an article in the new journal GeoHumanities(2016).

Publications (since 2000)

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