Department of Education

Emily Buehler

Research Officer

Emily Buehler is a Research Officer in the Rees Centre.

Emily is working on an evaluation of the effectiveness of the local authority support on sector improvement. She is focusing on the analysis of national and local administrative datasets.

Emily recently concluded a PhD at the University of Manchester which examined the measurement of literacy and numeracy skill use in prison and free labour market contexts and the connection of such practices to assessed competency. She is interested in the role education plays in influencing life outcomes for vulnerable populations. Prior to her postgraduate research, she worked as an English teacher in Japan. Her main methodological interests relate to construct measurement and validation techniques (item response theory, structural equation and latent variable modelling, measurement invariance). Additionally, she is passionate about promoting the use of quantitative methods across social science disciplines.



Buehler, E.D. and Pampaka, M. (2019). Validating a measure of numeracy skill use in the workplace for incarcerated and household adults. Journal of Applied Measurement, 20(3), 272-292.

Funded Research Projects:

  • Evaluation of the Effectives of the Local Authority Support on Sector Improvement, Partners in Practice Sector Improvement Support and Interventions

  • July 2018

    In partnership with Ecorys UK and Ipsos MORI

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