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Eran Melkman

Research Fellow

Dr Eran Melkman is a Research Fellow at the Rees Centre, University of Oxford.

Before joining the Rees Centre, he completed his PhD on care leavers’ social support networks in the School of Social Work at the Bar-Ilan University and went on to be a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Haifa and teaching associate at the Tel-Aviv University in Israel.

His work focuses on high-risk children, youth and young adults, exposed to abuse, neglect and other adversities while growing up, with a particular focus on youth in out-of-home placements.

In the past decade he has pursued these interests both in practice, as a clinical social worker in community and residential youth settings, and in academia, examining the development of risk and resilience across the life course of young people from adverse backgrounds.

He has authored several papers concerning the role of such factors as education, social support networks, and providing help to others, in promoting the life chances of children in care and was a member of the International Research Network on Transitions to Adulthood from Care (INTRAC).

Eran currently leads two research projects involving secondary analysis of the linked NPD and CLAD datasets that examine the educational trajectories of primary school aged looked after children and the exclusion of looked after children form secondary schools in England. Further work at the Rees Centre includes evaluating the Lifelong Links programme as part of DfE’s Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme.


  • Journal articles

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    • Melkman, EP (2017) “Childhood adversity, social support networks and well-being among youth aging out of care: An exploratory study of mediation.”, Child abuse & neglect. 72 85-97.

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