Department of Education

Gillian West

Lecturer in Child Development and Education

Gillian is a Lecturer at the Department of Education, teaching on the MSc Education (CDE pathway).

Gillian completed her PhD at UCL, combining an interest in both memory and language to investigate the relationship between procedural and declarative memory processes and language in children.

Her current research focusses on language assessment and intervention in children, including large-scale randomised control trials of school-based language interventions. She is part of the development team for LanguageScreen (, an App used in schools to assess the language skills of children aged 3-8 years, and is a Director of a University of Oxford spin out company, OxEd and Assessment Ltd, created to translate research into children’s language and reading difficulties into practical applications.

Recent projects include evaluations of the Nuffield Early Language intervention (NELI) and the development of an online teacher training and support model for the programme to enable delivery at scale. Watch a video of a NELI intervention session in action on a recent trial here. She led the subsequent rollout of NELI to over 6,500 schools in 2020-21, funded by the DfE as part of its Covid 19-recovery effort. A second year of the rollout is underway.

She is currently working on the development and evaluation via randomised controlled trial of an early language enrichment programme for children in nursery



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