Department of Education

Ikuya Aizawa

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: St Catherine's College

My DPhil project examines whether there is any impact of English Medium Instruction (EMI) on students’ content knowledge acquisition in comparison to Japanese medium instruction (JMI) at a university in Japan where certain introductory courses are offered in both Japanese and English.

I will also explore and compare various aspects of students’ challenges; in particular language- and content learning-related challenges faced by EMI and JMI students. Finally, various factors (e.g. English language proficiency, motivation and challenge) are explored to examine to what extent they influence EMI students’ content learning.

Alongside my DPhil study, I also work part-time as a research assistant at EMI Oxford and a tutor for the Critical Reading Workshop within MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition(MSc ALSLA).

Book Chapters
  •  Aizawa, I. & McKinley, J. (2020). EMI challenges in Japan’s internationalisation of higher education. In Bowles, H. & Murphy, A. (Eds.), English medium instruction and the internationalisation of universities. Palgrave.
Journal Articles
  • Aizawa, I., Rose, H. (2019). An analysis of Japan’s English as medium of instruction initiatives within higher education: the gap between meso-level policy and micro-level practice. Higher Education, 77, 1125–1142.
  • Thompson, G., Aizawa, I., Curle, S. & Rose, H. (in press). Exploring the role of self-efficacy beliefs and learner success in English Medium Instruction. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.
  • Rose, H., Curle, S., Aizawa, I., & Thompson, G. (Advanced online access). What drives success in English medium taught courses? The interplay between language proficiency, academic skills, and motivation. Studies in Higher Education, 1-13.


The Impact of Medium of Instruction on University Students’ Content Learning in Japanese Higher Education

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