Department of Education

Jiangshan An

DPhil Student

College Affiliation: St Antony's College

Her doctoral research investigates the verbal interaction patterns between foreign native English speaking teachers and Chinese students in English-only science classes in the foreign high school programs in China, a newly emerging and rapidly growing type of bilingual programs in China.

Through quantitative and qualitative analysis of multiple key aspects of classroom interaction in a corpus of 30 video-recorded lessons from six schools around China, implications are drawn regarding the opportunities for English learning and science learning. The teachers’ and students’ beliefs about effective learning of science and English are also explored, drawing upon the constructivist framework for science learning and the interactionist approach of second language learning. The distinctive feature of this EMI scenario lies in the native English speaking teachers with a high English proficiency level and no functioning proficiency level of the students’ first language, as opposed to bilingual local teachers commonly explored in existing EMI literature.

Alongside her PhD, she has also been teaching independently on the Msc Applied Linguistics program at the department for two consecutive cohorts and serving as the Principal Investigator of a project on bilingual education in primary schools in South America, commissioned by Oxford University Press. She has also been on the organizing committee for conferences and academic events, serving as a reviewer for journals, and sharing research output in journals and international conferences.

In between the master’s and the DPhil, Jiangshan (Tiny) worked full-time as an English teacher & class teacher, and a course developer at the secondary school level and university level in Hong Kong. She has been responsible for designing and conducting courses on English for Academic Purposes, English language arts, IELTS & TOEFL, and general English. She has received a number of scholarships and awards for academic performance and voluntary work.


Monolingual teachers’ interaction with Chinese students in English as the medium instruction (EMI) science classes: an exploratory study of the new EMI model in high schools in China

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