Department of Education

Karin Street

DPhil Student

College Affiliation: St Cross College

Karin Street is undertaking a DPhil about students’ mathematics self-efficacy.

Working with 27 schools across four different regions in Norway, Karin is investigating the relationship between students’ self-efficacy and their performance on national tests in numeracy, and also the development of students’ self-efficacy across 3-4 classroom lessons in mathematics. Her DPhil has a methodological focus through developing and assessing new instruments to measure self-efficacy and mastery experiences in mathematics, and a substantive focus applying these instruments to investigate specific research questions.

Karin also works as a University College lecturer in pedagogy at the Sogndal campus of the Western Norway University for Applied Sciences. Working in teacher education, she teaches subjects such as motivation, learning theories, assessment, and research methods.

Following the example set by the great Norwegian academic Arne Næss, Karin spends her time away from work and studies on mountain adventures in Norway and the UK.

Research interests:

Student learning and motivation, self-efficacy expectations, self-regulated learning, assessment, cognitive psychology, methodology in educational research, teacher education and teachers’ professional development.


Students' Mathematics Self-Efficacy: Relationship with Test Achievement and Development in the Classroom

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