Department of Education

Kasper Munk

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: Green Templeton College

Before coming to Oxford, Kasper trained as a psychologist at the University of Copenhagen.

This involved one year of EU-funded study at the University of Edinburgh. In Copenhagen, Kasper also taught social psychology and personality psychology, and he worked in a research project on the alignment between professional values and policy change. Through his bachelor and master’s degrees Kasper specialised in organisational psychology and learning technologies.

Kasper’s DPhil research focuses on schoolteachers’ professional decision-making. The study zooms in on how teachers make in-the-moment decisions to resolve challenging teaching situations. It shows the importance of the external and practical dimensions of enacting decisions. The findings thereby have implications for prevailing understandings and professional development practices that tend to focus only on internal psychological aspects of decision-making. The study shows the importance of attending to the availability and functions of the tools that make decisions possible.

Moving towards the end of his DPhil programme, Kasper is currently building new projects that combine the insights from his research about the practical aspect of decision-making with the possibilities for professional development offered by new technologies.

Key research interests:

– Professional decision-making

– Teaching and learning

– Teacher education

– Professional development

– Organisational psychology

– Leadership and management

– Learning through new technologies

Title of Thesis

External dimensions of in-the-moment teacher decision-making


Munk, K. (2018). Motive orientations at work. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction.

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