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Katri Eeva

DPhil Student

College Affiliation: St Catherine's College

Following a career in the European Union, Katri Eeva is currently completing her doctorate on higher education policy and governance as a case of Europeanisation at New College and St Catherine’s College, Oxford University.

Before studying for her doctorate in Education, Katri earned her BA and MA degrees in educational science, specializing in higher education policy, at the University of Turku, Finland. Katri also studied in the Department of Psychology at the National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM) during her BA degree. She then worked in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, and Strasbourg, France, where she was involved in policy work of the Committee on Culture and Education.

In the new global economy, standardised comparison has become key in the field of education policy. Policy makers are now looking at the global arenas where standards, indicators and benchmarks are no longer restricted to national arenas and providers but involve growing numbers of transnational actors. This development has created the demand for knowledge and expertise to enable policy solutions: networks of experts operate as a governing resource for soft power because they do the brokering work of interpreting, translating and communicating the technical knowledge that is needed for policy purposes. In the European context, these soft measures in higher education have developed despite the established principle of subsidiarity. In the context of the recent economic crisis and the related re-positioning of education policy to build economic recovery, Katri examines how soft power operates through knowledge and expertise in the policy field of education with specific reference to the policy case of the EU’s European Semester.

Alongside her work for the doctorate, Katri is a Junior Dean at St Catherine’s College having previously worked at Mansfield College in the same capacity. She also has experience in international student support in the academy.

Research Grants

The Emil Aaltonen Foundation (2015)
Santander Academic Travel Award (2015)
The Niilo Helander Foundation (2014)


The EU’s European Semester: Soft power and knowledge in the governing of education.

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