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Lorraine Foreman-Peck

Honorary Research Fellow

Lorraine is an Honorary Research Fellow. She specialises in the philosophy of education, programme evaluation and practice based research.

She has written on  action research methodology, evidence-informed practice, and research ethics. She is currently researching ethical quandaries in practice based research.

Professional commitments
Lorraine is currently the Special Interest Representative for Research and Higher Education for ‘engage’ (a professional association of museum and gallery educators) with Kate Travers. She is also a co-convenor of the Oxford Branch of the Philosophy of Education of Great Britain seminar series, with Alis Oancea and David Aldridge (Oxford Brookes).

Selected recent publications

  • (2015) Philosophical perspectives on teacher education. Ruth Heilbronn and Lorraine Foreman-Peck (eds) Oxford, Wiley Blackwell
  • (2015) Towards a theory of well- being for teachers in (2015) Philosophical perspectives on teacher education. Ch. 9  R. Heilbronn and L. Foreman-Peck (eds) Oxford, Wiley Blackwell
  • (2015) Developing expertise in managing dialogue in the ‘third space’: Lessons from a responsive participatory evaluation. With K. Travers Evaluation July, 2015, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 344-358
  • (2013) What is distinctive about museum pedagogy and how can museums best support learning in schools? An action research inquiry into the practice of three regional museums, with Travers, K. Educational Action research vol21, no.1, 28-41
  • (2012) Using Art Objects in Special Educational Needs Settings: A Responsive Evaluation of the Held in Hand Project, with Travers, K. Leicestershire Heritage Arts Service. March 2012 . Freely downloadable at
  • (2011) Shaping the Future: Reflections on an action research inquiry for organisational learning and professional development. with K. Travers, J. Barrat, D. Cox, B. Gumbleton Journal of Education in Museums 32,pp. 70-7
  • (2011) An Evaluation of the Mathematics, English, Biochemisty and Spanish UNIQ Summer Schools 2010. An Internal Report prepared for Oxford University with D. Eyre and L. Jones
  • (2010) Using Educational Research to Inform Practice: A Practical Guide to Practitioner Research in Universities and Colleges (with C. Winch). London, Routledge
  • (2010) The Arts and Humanities: Useless Frills or vital necessities? Prospero 16,4,  pp6-12
  • (2010) Aims, Ethics and Values in Group Work Assessment. (Eds) L. Foreman-Peck and L. McDowell. CETL Afl Occasional Paper 5. Centre for Excellence in Assessment for Learning. Northumbria University. Freely downloadable from
  • (2010) Fairness in group work assessment in higher education: an action research case study. Aims, Ethics and Values in Group Work Assessment. Ch. 2 (Eds) L. Foreman-Peck and L. McDowell.CETL Afl Occasional Paper 5. Centre for Excellence in Assessment for Learning. Northumbria University
  • (2009) Action Research and Policy (with Jane Murray) Evidence-Based Education policy: What Evidence? What Basis? Whose Policy? (Eds) D. Bridges, P. Smeyers, R. Smith. Ch.7. West Sussex, Wiley-Blackwell
  • (2009) Employability and the Problem of Independent Team work by students. Prospero 15, 3 pp6-19
  • (2008) Selection and use of elicitation techniques for education research with G. Rugg, M. Tonglet, S. Guilford, B.d’Cuz, D. Roberts. International Journal of Information and Operation Management education 2, no.3 pp235-254
  • (2008) Action Research and Policy (with Jane Murray) Journal of the Philosophy of Education Vol.42 –pp145-163.
  • (2006) Should schools be smaller? The size performance relationship for Welsh Schools (2006) with J. Foreman-Peck. Economics of Education Review 25, pp 157-171
  • (2005) What Use is Educational Research? A Debate with Robin Barrow, Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain, IMPACT no 12, London (ISBN 0-902227-13-0)
  • (2005) A Review of Existing Models of Practitioner Research. Commissioned by The National Academy of Gifted and Talented Youth at the University of Warwick. Feb. ISBN 1-900868-46-6, 72 pages
  • (2005) How should we understand the Teaching of Controversial Topics? Prospero: A Journal of New Thinking in Philosophy for Education. Vol. 11, no.4 ISSN 1358-6785

Recent presentations

  • ‘Philosophical perspectives on the future of teacher education’ PESGB Annual Conference 2012
  • ‘What is good research?’ CRAE/Rare recruitment . 23.1.2013
  • ‘Teacher well-being: the role of reflection and inquiry.’ Swedenborg House  9.3 2013
  • ‘The ethics of engagement in participative forms of educational research’. UCET, CPD committee. 23.5.2013
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