Department of Education

Naseemah Mohamed

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: St Cross College

Naseemah is a Zimbabwean Rhodes Scholar and PhD candidate in Oxford’s Department of Education. Her research interests include education and conflict and international education policy.

Her dissertation focuses on the history of education and conflict in Zimbabwe and the crucial role that historical analysis plays in policy creation and the promotion of democracy and pluralism.

In 2014, she graduated with an MSc with Distinction from Oxford’s Comparative and International Education Department and holds a B.A. from Harvard University. From 2015-16 she served as the director of African programmes for Harvard’s Pre-Texts Initiative, an arts-based teacher training programme that promotes creativity, leadership skills and critical thinking in kindergarten through university classrooms. Naseemah is the co-founder of two organizations— AfricanIvy, an organization that helps African students apply to universities, and of the Center for African Cultural Excellence and its flagship Writivism Workshop that hosts writing workshops across the African continent and links published African writers with aspiring authors.

Her research interests include: primary education curricula, international education policy and the links between education and conflict.

Title of Thesis

An Ideological War: Education, Propaganda and Politics during Zimbabwe’s Liberation War


Sommer, D. and Mohamed, N., 2013. “Make a Plan: Pre-Texts in Zimbabwe” in Language and Translation in Postcolonial Literatures: Multilingual Contexts, Translational Texts. Routledge, 2013, 85- 97.

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