Department of Education

Nick Andrews

Course coordinator: MSc in Teacher Education (Mathematics)

Nick is a member of the Mathematics Education and the Teacher Education and Professional Learning research groups.

He teaches on and co-ordinates the MSc in Teacher Education (Mathematics) and undergraduate courses in Mathematics Education, as well as teaching on the PGCE and MSc in Learning and Teaching courses.

He studied for his first degree, PGCE, MSc in Education Research Methodology and DPhil in Mathematics Education at Oxford. He worked as a teacher and head of department in a comprehensive secondary school after completing his PGCE and before joining the department in 2003.

His research focuses on mathematics teachers’ and educators’ practices and their practice-related thinking. He is also collaborating on projects that focus on interaction in mathematics classrooms and methods for solving quadratic equations.

  • Subjects Taught

    MSc Learning and Teaching

    MSc Teacher Education and Development

    PGCE Mathematics


  • Book chapters

    • Taylor, R, Hillier, J (2018) “Developing science explanations in the classroom: The role of the written narrative”, In: Classroom-based Interventions Across Subject Areas: Research to Understand What Works in Education. 73-97

    • Ingram, J, Andrews, N, Pitt, A “Making student explanations relevant in whole class discussion”, In: J Moschkovich, D Wagner, A Bose, J Rodrigues, M Schütte (eds.) Language and Communication in Mathematics.

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