Department of Education

Paul Riser

DPhil Student

College Affiliation: Worcester College

Paul Riser is a DPhil Student in the department. His research focuses broadly on students’ (especially the marginalised) identities work in upper-secondary English Language Arts classrooms.

Prior to starting his doctoral studies, Paul earned a BSc in English Language Arts (Secondary Education) with a minor in Theology and a BA in Spanish and International Studies with a minor in Psychology from Texas Lutheran University. His MA in English Literature and Language is from St. Mary’s University.

As part of his postgraduate schoolwork, Paul undertook a placement in two graduate certificate programs, earning both his School Counselor certification and School Principal certification for all grade levels in the state of Texas, USA. In addition to English Language Arts and Reading (4th-12th grades), he is also qualified to teach Health (all levels), Journalism (7-12), Speech (7-12), Social Studies (7-12), and English as a Second Language (all levels) in Texas. Further, Paul holds a teaching certification in California, USA, the United Kingdom and Wales, the Kingdom of Denmark, and the Netherlands.

As a public school English teacher for 8 years, Paul was awarded many distinctions including, but not limited to: El maestro de impacto, two Harvard Book Awards, Teacher of the Year, and Texas Parent-Teacher Association Life Member.

His research to inform his doctoral thesis work will be completed in the United States of America. Furthermore, his research interests revolve around the nexus points of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, economic status, and religion as they relate to the agency students have in the classroom.

Paul is the 2019-2020 Student Liaison Coordinator for the Department of Education, Oxford. In this role, he is charged with leading/convening weekly workshops on a variety of research training topics, co-organizing networking and career advice opportunities for graduate students, and liaising with Cambridge University personnel to organize the annual Oxbridge Exchange. Furthermore, Paul supports the Higher Degrees Office as appropriate and meets regularly with directors and other stakeholders to discuss issues of common student concern in order to develop student identity and community throughout the Department.

Paul serves as the representative student voice on the Social Sciences Division Equality & Diversity Steering Group for the University of Oxford.

Paul is also a part-time Research Assistant working with professionals and other academics within the Department of Education on funded and individual projects as needed.

Supervisors: Associate Professors Jenni Ingram and Velda Elliott & Departmental Lecturer Jason Todd.

Thesis Title: ‘Using Positioning Theory to Understand Marginalised Students’ Identities Work and Their Learning Experiences in English Language Arts Classrooms’

Open-Access Publication:
Ingram, Jenni, & Riser, P.A. (2019). Experiences of problem solving in whole class interactions. Avances De Investigación En Educación Matemática, Avances de Investigación en Educación Matemática, Number 16; October 2019.

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