Department of Education

Sheena Lee

Research Project Manager

Sheena Lee is a Research Project Manager working on a variety of projects across the Department of Education including:

1- LiFT (Learning for Families through Technology): a €1M programme funded by Kinder to examine key issues and improve learning through digital technologies.

2-The Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021: the system for assessing research quality in UK higher education institutions.

3-Athena Swan accreditation: encourages and recognises commitment to advancing the careers of under-represented genders in higher education and research.

4-Grant funding applications: provides Gantt charts and data management plans


  • Journal articles

    • Lee, S, Sayin, A, Cauchi, RJ, Grice, S, Burdett, H, Baban, D, van den Heuvel, M (2008) “Genome-wide expression analysis of a spinal muscular atrophy model: towards discovery of new drug targets.”, PloS one. 3(1) e1404+.

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