Department of Education

Shiraaz Kureembokus

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: Harris Manchester College

Prior to his studies at the University of Oxford, Shiraaz successfully completed a first-class BA Hons in English/Linguistics and an MA in Education and International Development at the University of Mauritius and University College London respectively.

He has worked as an English Teacher, an Education consultant for an NGO working for vulnerable groups in Mauritius and the USA, and as a Lecturer/Tutor in Mauritius. Underpinned by the commitment to human flourishing and social justice, Shiraaz developed the passion for strengthening the role of religion through education in secular contexts in an intellectual and academic way along the lines of a research-based, progressive, and educational philosophy.

Heavily influenced by courses focused on Education and Muslim Communities at UCL, he also developed an interest in the study of Education and Religion through scientific inquiry in order to gain a deeper empirical understanding of this growing field.

Broadly speaking, Shiraaz’s DPhil focuses on demystifying the blurred understanding of how Muslim French youth in secondary schools (both denominational and secular) negotiate their identities in various spaces. In addition, he aims to uncover the complexities of these Muslim French youth residing in the suburbs of Paris, attempting to minimise societal tensions such as extremism and radicalisation. Shiraaz’s work further uses a blend of paradigms (such as Post-coloniality and Kuhn’s groundings) as lenses to generate new data and knowledge in the field. Finally, his work is geared towards obtaining empirical responses from third-generation immigrants concerning notions of citizenship in France with the aim of contributing to policy and scholarship relating to human rights, security, secularity and intelligence concerns.


Negotiating identities of Muslim French youth in secondary schools (Paris), a pluralistic secular society

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