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Sølvi Lillejord

Honorary Research Fellow

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Sølvi Lillejord, Director for Teacher Education at the University of Bergen, Norway.

Previous Director for the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for Education. Teacher (1982-1992), School Leader (1992-95). Dr. Philos. 2000 and Professor in Education from 2004 at the University of Bergen (1995-2010); Head of Department, University of Oslo (2010-2012). Visiting Researcher: 2002/03: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Stanford University. Lillejord has established research groups, supervised PhD-students and established regional and national research schools in education. Established and ran a national programme for school leaders and was funded for 12 years to build research capacity in the Southern African region. In 2011, external member of a panel reviewing the Department of Education, University of Oxford. In 2015, external member of a review panel evaluating TIER, Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research in the Netherlands. Sølvi Lillejord is a member of AERA and EARLI. She has published in journals such as Journal of Education and Work, Journal of Educational Change, Professional Development in Education, Journal of International Cooperation in Education, International Journal of Web Based Communities, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

  • Systematic reviews – format development
  • School leadership, organizational learning
  • Assessment (teacher assessment and school evaluation)
  • Teacher education

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