Department of Education

Thomas Brotherhood

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: Linacre College

Tom is a doctoral student working in the Centre for Global Higher Education and a pre-doctoral fellow at the Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University.

A graduate of the department’s MSc Comparative and International Education course, he focuses on the global landscape of higher education, with a particular focus on the mobile populations inherent to the internationalisation of tertiary education. Having studied and worked in both the UK and Japan, Tom’s research is often engaged with international flows of students and staff in these contexts.

Tom’s doctoral research seeks to explore the education-migration nexus from the perspective of graduating international students. This longitudinal qualitative study hopes to provide new insight into the emergence of migrant intentions among international students, and to provide the basis for new theorisations of dynamic student-migrant identities through post-graduation transitions.

He also works on a number of additional projects, including the Centre for Global Higher Education’s project 1.2: “Internationalisation of HE as a public good: a comparative study in four national systems”. Tom is also collaborating with colleagues in Japan on a qualitative study with junior international faculty in Japan, seeking to understand their professional trajectories within Japanese higher education and their role in the ongoing process of internationalisation.

Title of Thesis

Considering agency in the education-migration nexus: A temporal analysis of structure-agency with student-migrants


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