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Vicky Wong

PGCE Science curriculum tutor

Vicky is a curriculum tutor on the PGCE science course, teaching sessions and visiting interns in their schools.

For 10 years she taught chemistry and science in secondary schools in Oxfordshire, Spain and New Zealand.

In 2004-2005 she was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry School teacher Fellowship, to focus on writing teaching resources in up-to-date contexts. Following this she became a freelance education consultant, working for organisations such as the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Nuffield Foundation, Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme and SCORE (the Science Community Representing Education).

For 10 years she was the chemistry editor of Catalyst magazine, which is aimed at 14-16 year olds studying science. She taught on the PGCE course at King’s College London before joining the department in Oxford in 2013.

From 2012-2018 she held a Rosalind Driver Research Scholarship at King’s College London where she researched the relationship between school mathematics and science education in the policy sphere and in schools.

Her research interests include:

  • Students’ use of mathematics within science
  • Maximising learning during practical work in science
  • Chemistry education
  • Science education policy and its impact on practice in schools
  • Subjects Taught

    PGCE (Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics)


  • Featured Publications

  • Books

    • Fullick, A, Hunt, A, Punter, J, Swinbank, E, Harden, H, Sang, D, Wong, V (2011) Twenty First Century Science: GCSE Science Higher Student Book 2/E. OUP Oxford.

    • Harden, H, Hunt, A, Lazonby, J, Lister, T, Shipton, M, Wong, V, Warren, D (2011) Twenty First Century Science: GCSE Chemistry Student Book 2/E. OUP Oxford.

    • Wong, VJ (2006) Inspirational Chemistry: resources for modern curricula. London: Royal Society of Chemistry.

  • Book chapters

    • Wong, VJ, Brophy, J, Dillon, J (2012) “Combustion and Redox Reactions”, In: K Taber (ed.) Teaching Secondary Chemistry 2nd edition. London: Hodder Education. 199-252

  • Journal articles

    • Wong, V, Dillon, J (2019) “Crossing the boundaries: collaborations between mathematics and science departments in English secondary (high) schools”, Research in Science & Technological Education. 38(4) 396-416.

    • Wong, VJ (2017) “Variation in graphing practices between mathematics and science: implications for science teaching”, School Science Review. 98(365) 113-119.

    • “'Voodoo maths', asymmetric dependency and maths blame: why collaboration between school science and mathematics teachers is so rare”, International Journal of Science Education.

    • “Authenticity, transition and mathematical competence: an exploration of the values and ideology underpinning an increase in the amount of mathematics in the science curriculum in England”, International Journal of Science Education.

    • Wong, VJ, Dillon, J, King, H “STEM in England: meanings and motivations in the policy arena”, International Journal of Science Education.

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